TechDays Sweden 2016

In November I will be presenting on Azure Networking at TechDays in Sweden. 

People who know me, knows that I have a broad technology background. When I started in the 90ths I started with Red Hat Linux and some early Windows versions, I soon found my way over to working with Cisco and Checkpoint network/security components. So I seem to have some kind of passion for Terminal Windows with a dark background and green text. Probably thats why I also still love IRC.

So over the last 20 years I have taken the journey from 10BASE2 with BNC T-Connectors to Software Defined Networking in Azure.

Moving to a Software Defined World can be challenging for many Network Admins but there are not many configurations I haven’t seen. So I hope to see you at the session where I will be sharing my knowledge together with a friend Johan Dahlbom. Together we hope to give you all you need to know about Azure Networking.


Verify that Jumbo Frames are working

So when working in the Private Cloud you often want to enable Jumbo Frames for your storage network. And if you are not in control of the end to end configuration and can veryfy all settings yourself. There is a easy way of testing if Jumbo Frames is configured all thay way.

You can simply run the ping command with the parameters -f and -l and set the length of the packet to verify if packets go through.

ping -f -l 9000 dest-ip


if Jumbo Frames are not enabled you will get the same result as shown above, if its enabled you should get a normal reply from.

Reply from bytes=9000 time=1ms TTL=128