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Enterprise Mobility Suite Managing BYOD and Company-Owned Devices

Microsoft has released a book about Enterprise Mobility Suite, if you want to read up more on the suite and how you can manage your mobile workforce with the help of EMS.

EMS is a bundling of Microsoft Intune, Azure AD Premium and Azure RMS. Together the products makes up a great suite of functionality to protect and manage information and devices you manage it also gives you great benefits of managing your identities.

I was one of the reviewers of the book and I can guarantee you that its a great read for all of you who want to learn more about EMS and what it can do for your organization.










More information about it can be found here.


Verify that Jumbo Frames are working

So when working in the Private Cloud you often want to enable Jumbo Frames for your storage network. And if you are not in control of the end to end configuration and can veryfy all settings yourself. There is a easy way of testing if Jumbo Frames is configured all thay way.

You can simply run the ping command with the parameters -f and -l and set the length of the packet to verify if packets go through.

ping -f -l 9000 dest-ip


if Jumbo Frames are not enabled you will get the same result as shown above, if its enabled you should get a normal reply from.

Reply from bytes=9000 time=1ms TTL=128

Cloud Drivers

If someone has missed it I am glad to inform you that the Cloud is here. There are so many people talking about the cloud what it is and what it will do to us. If you look from a business perspective you need ways of controlling costs. IT has often been seen as that a COST to the business, and not an enabler or innovation to make business better or more efficient. I am a strong believer that the cloud will be that enabler and bridge moving from old traditional IT to the new mobile innovative platform to conduct business on.The biggest driver for moving to the cloud is to drive cost efficiency and enable mobility. The cloud also means allot to many organisation it means Service Orientation and IT Service Management. Moving to the cloud doesn’t always mean to be a success, moving to the cloud requires a supporting organisation that is IT Service Management Orientated and has control of its processes.


So will this Cloud thing pick up? I am quite sure that it will, organisation want to get in control of their costs and do more with less. If you can run a Virtual Machine with a predictable cost and estimated Service Levels or if you can scale up and down depending on the load you have on your IT Service without having to buy a room full of hardware that may be underutilized for 60% of the year. Or don’t need to look for a new Administrator as soon as he decides to leave for the other company who pays a bit more. Today organisation are getting more mature and want to buy more IT as a Service and focus on their core business values. The graph below is a prediction of the Cloud growth to 2020, its quite a change we are seeing.



KPMG has done a great job in putting a report report together if you want to read the whole thing it will be found on this link.

Welcome to the Cloud

Welcome to the Cloud Advisor blog, In this blog I will take you on a journey to the Cloud. The intention of this blog is to drive awareness about the cloud and how you can use the different cloud technologies we can use to deliver efficient IT Services. There are great movement in both Cloud Computing and Mobility as this is two areas that is of great interest of me Id thought id share some information about it.


Intune Software Publisher Issue

If you encounter problems to install the Software Publisher where it states it’s already installed you might need to do some manual actions described in this post.

When installing the app you might get prompted by a message saying that the application is already installed and you may look in programs and features and you are not able to find something to uninstall. As this is not an app that get installed in normal manner you will need to clean the old one out manually. this happens if you have had the app installed previously.


Cannot Start Application


You can view the Details and a Log file will open where you can see that the application is already installed.

“Unable to install this application because an application with the same identity is already installed. To install this application, either modify the manifest version for this application or uninstall the preexisting application.”


To get the Application to Install and run you need to delete the 2.0 folder under your profile and then rerun the install and it should work.




BrancheCache for OSD

When preparing for our session a TechEd 2014 in Barcelona on Community Tools, Jörgen and I found this nice little tool that adds BranchCache support in WinPE, which means that during OS deployment the client can download the content from a client on the local network instead of pulling it from a DP, this is great for small branch offices for instance without a Distribution Point. It can be found here: At TechEd 2014 Europe it was also announced that BranchCache support will be added in WinPE in ConfigMgr vNext as well, so this is a technology that is coming.

We created an OSD Task sequence, updated the boot image, enabled BranchCache and added the tools and steps from the toolkit to my Task Sequence. To prestage the data on another client in the network we created a check in the start of the Task Sequence to see if the “Prestage” variable was set to TRUE, if so the Task Sequence will not install anything on the client but it will download all the content and add it to the BranchCache on the client.


Then we deployed the task sequence with the option “download all content locally before starting the Task Sequence” remember to make sure that the content will fit in the CCMCache.

After that we deployed a client and it used the BranchCache from the client on the same network, really cool! We like free stuff.


The reporting is awesome as well be sure to check it out!


Here is a short video from 2Pint Software as well: